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Day 9,10, and 11

I was sick in a hotel room for a couple days. I was seeing some doctors, but ended up having a bunch of sidefects and no improvement to my cough and fever from the original drugs I was on. Then I switched prescription, and after another night of still no improvement got picked up by Josh and driven back to Portland to recover from my sickness. Silvan stayed with me while I was sick, and is now continuing solo while I recover. When I can I will meet him. In the mean time Silvan has decided to keep a blog, so for more interesting stories check out his adventure blog: https://silvanyang.blogspot.com/

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Day 8

[PC:Silvan Yang]
Me and my Meds
Playing cards with high stakes of different free packets that we.... acquired....

1- salt and pepper packets
5- ketchup and Tabasco sauce
25- tea and jam

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Day 7

Then I met with a doc, got some prescriptions for bacterial bronchitis, and went to a hotel. I was still fevering, so when I rode my bike the couple of blocks I was wearing my puffy and my jacket. Also my head really hurt. I went to a hotel and went bed at around 5:00 PM with the heat cranked in my room.
I woke up and did not feel well. I ate a peanut butter and jelly tortilla wrap, and could barely keep it down, but I needed to eat because I had 85 miles to get to the next town where I could see a doctor. There were no real towns in-between where we were and Pullman where I was trying to get. I rode slowly for about 10 miles, and then stoped in some shade because my head was hurting, and I generally felt bad. I was in contact with Silvan and my mom, and I decided to attempt to hitch a ride. I got a ride from one of the first cars I tried to hail from my location to the intersection with 26. This guy was very nice, and told me about his days of hitching rides, and hopping trains. “A lot easer than peddling” he said. Next I tried to hitch a ride along 26 it was a four way intersection with two small side roads. I stood up with my cardboard sign when I saw a car coming, and after half an hour I took a nap from exhaustion. I was fevering again. After about three hours of no luck. I went to the caffe next door, and got a ride from the first people I asked. Jeuda and his mother graciously fit my bike into their car, and drove me to Pullman. Thank you two sooo much! Also you drive like a maniac, but in a good way :). We got to my hospital in basically no time.

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Day 6

We rode out of town at night, after filling up water at some people’s houses, and rode in the night for a little while. I started getting a cough at the end of day three. It had been getting worse, and I was very tired. That’s probably the reason that so many of the recent photos are by Silvan.
Anyway that night we camped off of a hiking trail in a very nice spot. I woke up in the night in a cold puddle of sweat even though it was plenty warm out. I knew I had a fever, and I bundled up in my sleeping bag liner and sleeping bag and fell back asleep.
[PC:Silvan Yang]
[PC:Silvan Yang]
[PC:Silvan Yang]
We then rolled into a ghost town. I took a nap while Silvan took photos around town.
Hotter than the naked bike ride.

At the beginning of the day I called my mom. Not to tell her about my trip, but per usual to complain about my ailments: I have a cough accompanied by green mucus which started at the end of day three. I also have inflamed lymph nodes along the left side of my neck but not my right. I also had one inflamed node below my left ear. Also swallowing was painful when my head was tilted backwards. She tried to get in contact with a doc about 12 miles out of our way in Moses. She was out of town for the weekend, so we continued on our way with a little over 100 miles to go to Moscow, ID where there was a doctor that I could see.

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Day 5

[PC:Silvan Yang]
When offered fast food that would be thrown out for free I said yes please, we will take it all. Nice place, bad food, hella calories.
[PC:Silvan Yang]
Then we attempted to hit golf balls into the river and the wind.
Note: It’s harder than I though to hit the ball.
[PC:Silvan Yang]
We rode with a huge tailwind for about 40 miles and set a new speed record on the descent: 51.4 MPH. We then sat through a windstorm in the shade for a while. There was a wind advisory in effect and a bridge with no bike lanes. The common suggestion for getting across it was to hitch a ride. That is when we met John. He is a very kind and wild man who gave us a ride across the bridge for $4 of gas.
[PC:Silvan Yang]
So we made more pancakes!
“We gotta get a picture of this” -Silvan

We got up at 5:00 AM and rode to Ellensburg. Then we had some time to kill because it was 7:00 AM and the bike shop that sold tires (Silvan needed a new tire) opened at 10:00 AM.

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