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DAY 13

My hands have continued to worsen through these past two days. They hurt with sun, and after being warmed up such as in the tent during the evening. Very unpleasant, I’ve been putting creams on them for the past week, but they have continued to worsen. I’m staying in a hotel tonight, and had a very pleasant trip to the Lakeview emergency room where I was prescribed some more powerful steroid cream and to call home by the very friendly doctor and staff.
Subtle fun by pavement workers, tour biking is the perfect speed to notice the little details
A squirrel eating a napkin about sums up the lunatic I met. I was agrssivly preached too about Jesus for about an hour. This old man had extensive knowledge of the Illuminati, the CIA, and the FBI, and how they all tie into the fictional film: The Matrix. He was very good at finding sources that matched his Illuminati theory’s. I say sources, but defenitly not sources that would stand up to any scrutiny by a Northwest Academy middle-schooler. It was a real challenge to have a conversation with him because everything he said was either a trap, or a Segway to more aggressive preaching, and I was still trying to bum a ride off of him so that I could get my hands out of the sun, and get service to call my mom about my hand rash that was worsening. As he points to the sky and said the camera is up there! I say well, it’s silly for me to look at the sky because I assume you’re pointing at a sattlite or something way up there, and considering it is overcast and the middle of the day I don’t think I’ll see anything... can you see the air? He asks No... But you know it’s there don’t you?!! He says with a gotcha sort of tone. Ya, and thats what I don’t try and look at the air I say. That’s north right?! He asks in the tone of a statement as he points East. Nope I say as I correct him. Their filming us right now he says. That’s just a tidbit of our one sided conversation, but it was a good expirence over all. it’s good that I talked with or rather yes-maned along with this bloke as he preached, because I don’t think my trip would be complete without “that right winged Jesus preaching crazy man”. A good memory for me to smile back on.
That little guy has more success hitching a ride than I’ve had in my two attempts.
Nearly ran over that snake, and it startled me a lot. After photographing it I shoed it off of the road with a very long stick.

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Glad you at least had funny (?) memories to look back on with your preaching benefactor! He probably hadn't had a good listener in a while...! LOL!

by Tamara

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